Salesforce Platform App Builder (SU20)

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An AppBuilder has been asked to integrate Salesforce with an external web services. The web service must be notified every time an opportunity is won.

Which two of the following can satisfy the following requirement?

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Which type of relationships can be defined with external objects?

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An App Builder at Universal Containers would like to prevent users from creating new records on an Account related list by overriding standard buttons.

Which two aspects should the App Builder consider before overriding standard buttons?

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The marketing team at Universal Containers has a list of 400 leads it wants to upload to Salesforce. The team needs to avoid creating duplicate records.

Which two actions should be taken to meet this requirement?

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The Director of Marketing has asked the app builder to create a formula field that tracks how many days have elapsed since a contact was sent a marketing communication. The director is only interested in whole units.

Which function should be used to return today’s date for calculating the difference?

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At Universal Containers, multiple departments utilize the Case object for different purposes. Some users submit cases while other users provide customer support with case records.

What is the minimum required configuration for an app builder to enable different users to see different fields, based on the case type?

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Which two metadata changes can be made directly in a production environment without deploying from a sandbox?

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A business user wants a quick way to edit a record’s status and enter a custom due date field from the record’s feed in Salesforce Mobile App.

What could be used to accomplish this?

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which sandbox type allows for the use of a sandbox template?

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The VP of sales at Universal Containers wants to have a set of screens to guide the inside sales team through collecting and updating data for leads.

How can the App Builder accomplish this?

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A custom field on an account is used to track finance information about a customer. Only members of the Finance Team have access to this field. However, the business wants to allow one customer service agent, who is assigned the customer service profile, read-only access to this field for special circumstances.

What is the recommended solution to grant the customer service agent access to the field?

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Universal Containers uses a private Account sharing model. They have a Process Improvement team from multiple departments that needs to view all accounts that have been flagged as problem accounts.

How should this team be granted access to the records?

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Universal Containers has deployed custom tabs through change sets, without including the profiles, to Production (Enterprise Edition).

Which statement is true in regards to the visibility of custom tabs?

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What are two reasons to create unmanaged packages?

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An App Builder would like to streamline the user experience by reflecting summarized calculations of specific fields on various objects.

Which field types could be used in roll-up summary fields to accomplish this?

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What is a feature that can extend record access beyond the organization wide defaults?

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Universal Containers would like to show different picklist values to different groups of users in a custom picklist field.

What should be configured?

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Which two statements are true about an External ID field?

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The CFO wants to make sure that a deal with more than a 40% discount gets approved by the VP of finance before a quote is sent to the customer.

In which two ways can this be accomplished?

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What is a use case for validation rules?

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An app Builder creates an Account validation rule on the Industry field that will throw an error if the length of the field is longer than 6 characters. Another App Builder creates a workflow rule with a field update that sets the Industry field to Technology whenever the Billing City field is set to San Francisco.

What will happen the next time a sales person saves an Account with a Billing City of San Francisco?

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Universal Containers wants to automate a business process using workflow. They are aware that workflow rules may cause recursive behavior, and as a result certain actions will only cause workflow rules that didn’t fire previously to be retriggered.

Which workflow action might cause this behavior?

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A manager wants to calculate the number of days since an account was last contacted through email.

Which field type should be used to accomplish this?

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Universal Containers would like to embed a chart of all related Opportunities, by stage, on the Account detail page.

Which type of report should the App Builder create to add to the Account page layout?

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Universal Containers needs to send an Outbound Message to an external system when a record has been updated.

What is the recommended feature to meet this requirement?

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Which two are capabilities of record types?

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What is the capability of schema Builder?

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Universal containers needs to flag leads with one or more business areas. They need to add a field to capture these to the lead records. There is no need to report on this field.

What is the appropriate field type?

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Universal Containers sells to three different types of organizations: Partner, Enterprise, and Small Business. Some of the information collected about each organization overlaps; however, there are also unique attributes to each type of organization that need to be tracked, some of which are required.

What solution meets these requirements?

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Which two rules can be configured for the Opportunity object?

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Which two are true statements about record types?

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Universal Containers needs to update a field on an Account when an Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed Lost.

Which two tools should be used to accomplish this requirement?

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What is a true statement when deleting a dashboard?

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Which three statements are true about master-detail relationships?

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Universal Containers has a customer base where many customers have the same or similar company names.

Which functionality should be configured to improve an end user’s search experience?

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A new custom object called Invoices needs to have an invoice date for the date and time it was invoiced.

What field type should be selected for this?

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What option is available to an App Builder when defining an object specific Create Record custom action?

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Universal Containers is setting up Salesforce for the first time. Management wants the sales and marketing teams to have different navigation names in the salesforce mobile app.

Which option is available to an app builder to satisfy the requirement?

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Which three standard component types are available in Lightning app builder?

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The Training team at Universal Containers uses a custom Training object to track their customer trainings. An App Builder needs to create a relationship between the Training object and the related Students’ record. A private sharing model is in place for both Students and Training.

Which two statements are true when creating a Student lookup field on the Training object?

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Universal Containers would like to optimize routes for its traveling service personnel.

What is the recommended solution to meet this requirement?

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Universal Containers wants its Field Sales team to only see the accounts that they own. Separate North American and European marketing teams should only see accounts in their respective regions. The Inside Sales Team needs to see all accounts in Salesforce.

How can this be accomplished?

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The VP of Sales has requested that Account Site information should be visible on all Opportunity records.

What is the recommended solution to meet this requirement?

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Universal Containers has two types of customer support processes: Platinum and Diamond. The app builder created separate record types for each process on the Case object. The customer support team should NOT be able to create new cases with the Diamond record type.

How can this requirement be met?

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Universal Containers wants sales reps to get permission from their managers before deleting Opportunities.

What can be used to meet these requirements?

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When configuring a record type, an app builder can configure the available value of a picklist field for the page layout.

Which two Opportunity standard fields are available to be configured directly in the Opportunity record type?

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Universal Containers would like to collaborate with its customers within Salesforce and has decided to enable the “Allow Customer Invitations” Chatter setting.

What permission is granted to Customers when invited to Chatter Group?

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Which two will prevent a formula field from being referenced by a Roll-Up Summary field?

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Universal containers uses a custom object called candidate to track information about people who are being recruited to jobs within the company. When an employee refers a recruiting candidate, that employee should have access to the candidate record; however, only HR users should be able to view, edit, and report on the salary field.

Which action should be recommended for controlling who can view the salary field?

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Which three Salesforce functionalities are ignored when processing field updates in workflow rules and approval processes?

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Universal Containers uses a custom object to track expense reports. They would like to automatically post updates on a record’s feed whenever an expense report has been approved.

What social feature can be used to accomplish this?

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Universal Containers wants to test code against a subset of production data that is under 5 GB. Additionally, Universal Containers would like to refresh this sandbox every weekend.

What type of sandbox should be used to accomplish this?

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At Universal Containers, the Account object has a Master-Detail relationship with an Invoice custom object. The App Builder would like to change to a lookup field but is not able to do so.

What could be causing this?

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An App Builder wants to show Groups as the last navigation menu item in the Salesforce1 Mobile App. However, the app builder is not able to select Groups as one of the items in the drop-down menu.

What could cause this?

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Universal Containers has created the custom objects Candidate and Interview in Salesforce to track candidates and interviews respectively. The company wants to track the total number of interviews a candidate has gone through on the candidate record without writing any code.

Which two actions should an app builder take to accomplish this requirement?

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What is true when creating custom record types?