Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant (SP21) Set 2

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Dream House Realty (DR) looking to enter the insurance business. After discussing with business advisors, DR has decided to independent agents to manage claims

Which we features are available for DR to implement a solution involving insurance agent? Choose 2 answers

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Cloud Kicks (CK) uses SSO (Single Sign-on) for its customer portal. The customer portal is built on the Customer Service template which uses LDS (Lightning Design System) and has public pages that use Lightning Web Components. CK gas also set up the Salesforce Content Delivery Network (CDN) for its domain, which CK is planning to change.

What is a potential impact of changing the Salesforce CDN?

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Insightopia planning to create a high-performance site for its partners. The Home page will feature multiple cast provide insights and trends along with near real-time updates

Which template should insightopia consider for its site?

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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is planning to create an HR desk for its employees. The Technology team recommend using Experience Cloud to build the HR help desk app.

What should NTO consider when building the HR desk app?

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To which the objects can the Partner Super User access be applied?

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A consultant is asked to set up a new experience using the Customer service template. The articles from an existing knowledge base must be exposed in the new site.

What are the two ways the consultant should associate the articles with topics?

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Cloud Kicks (CK) is using audience targeting to display pages and components to certain users based on their assigned audience. The New York City account contain multiple departments; all of which belong to that account. One of the page virtualization of the Home page of CK’s Experience Cloud site a assigned to the New York City audience. CK also has a Rich Content Editor component within this Home page that is assigned only to the Legal Department audience.

Who will be able to see the Rich Content Editor component?

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A consultant is setting up an experience for a client in a new org. The client insists on using standard profiles for external users.

Which step is required in order to use standard profiles in an experience?

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Ursa Major Solar would like the navigation menu in the customer portal to be vertical.

Which two options make this possible?

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Which step denotes the completion of an Experience Cloud site setup?

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Get Cloud Consultant (GCC) is implementing a Salesforce- based solution for a global coffee brand. The coffee company works with agrp research and coffee growers from around the work. These researcher will submit their recommendation in the system which will go through an approval process before reaching coffee growers who will ultimately use those recommendation during cultivation.

The Design team estimates the need for at least 20 custom objects given that the coffee company plans to use Salesforce to also manage incentives. Compensations, distribution, and projections.

Which user license Should GCC recommend for the researchers?

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Get Cloudy Consulting wants to leverage Experience Bundle for making updates to its community.

What are the two key features of experienceBundle?

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Zephyrus Relocation Services (ZRS) plans to build a portal for its partners. The portal needs to show company information and brand details on the Account Management page.

Which templates should ZRS consider to build the portal?

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What is a prerequisite for creating a user that has a Partner Community license?

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Dreamscape Flowers (DF) is a well-known global with a large network of partners in various regions DF currently has a number of manual process with varied complexity. Some of these processes involve lifecycle management that DF is looking to automate as part of a broad digital transformation initiative.

In what three ways can Salesforce Partnership Management (PRM) help DF?

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Universal container is planning to create a portal for its Global partner network. Users will be assigned a Partner Community License and a role.

Which two things should UC keep in mind when setting up partner roles?

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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) offers a new product that is different in North America, EMEA, and Asia Pacific regions, Pages have been created and publish for this product. The site manager has applied criteria to ensure visibility for these product are applied as per the requirement for each region. NTO further wants to control the users who see a specific page of this product settings its visibility.

Which three visibility options available in Experience Cloud?

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Dreamscape flowers is looking to launch a public site for its current customers and prospects.

Which three actions are performed automatically when a site is created Expense Cloud?

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How can Sharing Sets be used to share records with Customer Community users?

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Universal Containers is looking to onboard three new partners to the community.
* Each partner have a branded experience containing their colors and logo.
* Gold and silver partners should have access to the Leads inbox component, but Bronze partners should not.
* Bronze partners should not have access to the Leas tab.

How should an administrator solve for these requirements?

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Dreamscape Flowers (DF) is evaluating Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (RPM) to help improve its current channel sales performance.

In what two ways can Salesforce PRM help DF accelerate channel sales?

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Ursa Major Solar (UMS) would like to display a collection of news articles it has added to a workspace in Salesforce via a CMS Collection in its customer portal.

Where should UMS create the CMS collection before configuring the CMS Collection component in Experience Builder?

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Northern Trail Outfitter is looking to implement a public Knowledge base. The company has 1, 000 articles stored in an external systems.Some of the articles are more than 2 years old.

What should a consultant recommend to optimize the public knowledge base?

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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is building a digital experience for its independent researchers who will be collaborating with NTO’s staff on their research-related submissions.

Which user visibility setting needs to be enabled at a minimum?

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Ursa Major Solar (UMS) will be creating a partner portal to distribute leads to partners. Partners will also the portal. UMS has decided to use Partner Central template

Which three steps should UMS take at a minimum in order to meet the requirement?

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Universal Containers has Contact and Account objects set to Public Read Only for internal users, but an Experience Cloud users is not able to view Contacts and accounts.

How should you fix this issue?

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Which component inform support agents working in the Service Console what actions a customer has taken on an Experience site?

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Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to organize content on its site so that users can easily search and brows for information.

Which three features should CK use to accomplish this goal?

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Northern trail Outfitters has created a microsite digital experience for its Gold-Level VIP customers. The digital experience is not yet actives.
The community manager would like to send welcome emails on a specific day, which include a promotion for participating in the community.

In which order should the community manager perform activation steps?

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Get Cloudy Consulting wants to leverage Metadata API for migrating changes between environments.

What are the three key features of Metadata API?

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A consultant is in the process of designing the sharing and visibility model for Cloud (CK) new hiking site built on experience Cloud. The consultant knows that CK plans to use the Customer Community License type.

What limitations should the consultant consider related to sharing and visibility for this license type?

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What is required when creating portal users through Just-Time (JIT) provisioning?

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Universal Container (UC) has a business model that involves B2C as well B2B customers. A group of B2B customers has recently signed a contract with UC that would allow them to start working with the UC Support team in resolving low-severity B2C customer issues.

How should UC use Experience Cloud to accomplish this goal?

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Ursa Major Solar would like its authenticated external users to be able to search for Quote and Contract objects but not Opportunity or Asset objects.

Which two standard features allow an administrator to accomplish that?

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DreamHouse Reality (DR) is switching to a franchise-based business model in order to grow its market share. Franchises as well as properly appraised at DR, will immediate access to a real estate opportunity in their area as soon, as it crosses a threshold.

What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend for record sharing?

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Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) reports that 50% of calls to its support line are for repeatable issues.

Using standard out-of-the-box functionality, in which ways can NTO decrease its call volume using an Experiences site?

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What are two ways a question can be escalated to a case?

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Cloud Kicks (CK) has a Partner Community with an External Account hierarch. The Number of Partner Roles is set to two with the roles defined as Partner Manager and partner user.

If CK has a Partner user at a child account that creates a case, who will have access?

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Ursa Major Solar would like to use three Record Detail components on a page to display object details for the Account, Case, and Opportunity objects for the user who is logged in to the company’s portal. When they drop the components on the page, they are not getting the desired results.

What is causing this issue?

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Bloomington Caregivers (BC) intends to launch a company-wide project to create personalized experiences for its providers, vendors installers, and patients. BC’s business processes and workflow flow industry standards and common practices, mostly driven by compliance and regulatory mandates.

What should BC closely into during the evaluation phase?

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Northern Trail Outfitters wants to add a background image to a record list of products in its digital experience.

How should an administrator accomplish this?

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The Salesforce Administrator at Ursa Major Solar is trying to create a partner user for their Partner Community that was built using Salesforce Experience Builder. However, the admin is not able to create it from the contact record.

What could be two reason causing this issue?

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Zephynus Relocation (ZRS) plans to launch a public site. ZRS would like to leverage a topic catalog so that site users can see all the organized topics in one place and easily navigate to any topic or subtopic.

Which step is required to set up a topic catalog?

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Which three items are reportable by a site administrator through Google Analytics for Experience Cloud sites?

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Bloomington Caregivers (BC) wants to share Covid-19 related information with all site visitors, including unauthenticated users.

Which three things should BC in mind about unauthenticated or guest user access?

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Universal Containers (UC) is building a new self-service site for its large global customer base. Customers will be posting questions, viewing Knowledge articles, downloading warranties, opening tickets, and registering their recent purchases. Purchases are stored in a custom object. UC has decided to use Customer Service template for the experience and Customer Community Plus license for the customers.

Which limitation could cause a potential issue for UC?

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Universal Containers (CU) has been using Salesforce to manage its sales and service processes. UC also an Experience Cloud site to interact with its customers. UC has now acquired Cloud Kicks (CK) Retail to grow its business, CK also uses Salesforce and a self-service site built on the experience Cloud to allow its customers to log support requests. UC now wants its customers to be able to use CK’s self-service site so they can have a more integrated experience.

What should an Experience Cloud consultant recommend so that UC’s can log in to CK;s site?

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Which three fields are required creating Experience Cloud users using Data Loader?

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Universal Containers has recently launched a site for its retailers. Retailers able to collaborates with other retailers around topic; however, retail managers aren’t’ able to see records owned by their peers and subordinates.

What should be done to resolve the issue?

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Universal Containers (UC) wants to create a do-it-yourself site for its existing and prospective customers. The site will contain articles, belong manuals, and FAQs. Users will be able to ask questions and answer other users’ questions on the site.

Which two Experience Cloud features should UC focus on as it starts building out the site?

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Universal Containers (CU) is looking to create a site that supports channel sales, leads distribution, and deal registration.

Which template should UC select?

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What are three goals Ursa Major Solar can accomplish with experience Cloud moderation functionality?

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Northern Trail outfitters (NTO) aims to provide personalization by encouraging its individual customers to self-register in its B2C Experience site. NTO is not looking to create a placeholder account.NTO Experience consultant has set up self-registration in its Login and Registration pages. NTO’s site manager has configured the Allow external users to self-register” option. NTO uses Customer Community Plus Licenses.

Which two steps are needed to complete self-registration in NTO’s Experience site?

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Cloud Kicks wants to allow site users to tag site content with custom tags or member-created topics.

Which two permissions must be enabled for site users in Setup to accomplish this?

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Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is building a portal for its premium B2B customers, Customer will be able to access their account information, open cases, download NDAs, and create dashboards

Which user license allows UMS to meet these requirements?