Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI21) SET 4

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A marketing user needs to create a new campaign, but the New Button is NOT visible from the campaign home page. The system administrator has verified that the user has the “Create” profile permission for the campaign object. How should the system administrator resolve the issue?

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What can an administrator configure for users on the search results?

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What user interface setting must be enabled for users to edit records in a list view?

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What type of field allows users to input text, images, and links?

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What type of record access can an administrator grant

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Which statement is true if a custom fiscal year is enabled?

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A system administrator at Universal Containers needs to transfer records from one user to another. What object can be transferred using the mass transfer tool? (2 answers)

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What permission is set in a user’s profile?

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A user at Universal container reports an error message when attempting to log in. the administrator checks the user’s login history, but there is no record of the attempted login. What could be cause of this issue?

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A user profile has a login hour restriction set to Monday through A user profile has login hour restrictions set to Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. It is Tuesday and it is now 5.01 PM. Which behavior of the application should the user expect?

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Universal Containers currently assigns its users from the facilities and IT teams to the same profile. Universal container recently created a custom object to track company cars and wants only users from the facilities team to have access to this new object.

How can an administrator meet this requirement?

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Universal containers set the organization-wide defaults for cases to private. When a case is escalated, case ownership changes to Tier 2 support agent. (Included)

How can a system administrator give the sales operation team read/write access to all escalated cases?

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What is a method for adding content to Salesforce CRM content?

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Where can the multilingual solution search feature be enabled?

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What item appears in a user’s My Unresolved items after synchronization

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The marketing team at universal containers wants to send an email to each lead received from its website. The country of the incoming lead should determine the language of the email that will be sent to the lead. How can the system administrator automate this process?

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What does a page layout allow an administrator to control?

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How can a system administrator restrict users from viewing certain fields in list views, searches, page layouts and reports?

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What feature allows a user to group campaigns within a specific marketing program or initiative?

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What is the purpose of the ideas community?

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When designing a Case management solution to increase agent productivity, which Service Cloud features should you consider first?

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Universal Containers is designing a new case management process with the following requirements:

– Both support agents and product managers need to participate in the case process.

– Cases must be updated as they move through the steps in the process.

– All changes to a case must be tracked.

Which configuration steps are required for the new case management implementation?

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Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects?

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What is the purpose of the service cloud (customer) portal?

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What is the capability of the service cloud (customer) portal?

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How many components can be added in a single column of dashboard?

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The VP of sales at universal containers requested that “Verbal Agreement” be added as a new opportunity stage. The Administrator added this new picklist value to the stage field but found that the new value was not available to users. What should the administrator do?

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Which accounts are automatically synchronized on Salesforce classic?

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The support team at Universal Containers wants to be more proactive about renewing support plans with customers. They would like the support representative dedicated to each account to be notified a month before the account`s support plan expires

What should an administrator configure to meet this requirement?

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Universal Containers wants to create a new sales team that focuses exclusively on small to medium business customers. This group will track information with the same fields and picklist values but will have 2 new options on Stage field. How should the system administrator accomplish this task?

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A sales manager recently left universal containers and the system administrator has received the urgent request to deactivate their username. Because the sales manager was part of several approval processes, it is taking longer than expected. What should a system administrator do?

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Which two ways can users access Salesforce from their mobile device?

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A user with administrator privileges accidentally deleted a custom field in an org one day ago.

What should the administrator consider to restore the field?

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A case is created from a web form. Who will assign ownership if no active assignment rules exist?

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Which two methods can be used to share records using Sharing Rules?

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Universal containers has two separate sales process: one process for domestic and one for international. Both sales processes have different stages. The executive requires a single page layout to provide the sales team with the same view both for domestic and international.

Which two actions should the administrator take to support these requirements?

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How should a System Administrator prevent a user from logging in if they are a running user of a dashboard?

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The support manager wants to send an automatic email to the case contact when a case is closed.

Which automation tool can the system administrator use?

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The system administrator has added the company IP address ranges to the Network section.

What will happen when a user tries to log in from outside the company network?

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The support team has asked the Administrator to create a guided process that allows the rep to use scripted screens to collect the appropriate information.

Which tool should the administrator use?

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A sales user at universal container has updated the opportunity stage for an opportunity in the pipeline.

What may be updated because of the stage change? Choose 2 answers