Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI21) SET 2

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What standard object has a one-to-many relationship with the account object?

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Which two ways should Knowledge articles be used?

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Which three are Chatter features?

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Universal container is using a private sharing model. The US sales director needs full access to all records of the US sales representatives.

How can this be accomplished?

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A system administrator at universal containers created a new account record type. However, sales users are unable to select record type when creating new account records.

What is a possible reason for this?

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What must an administrator do when creating a record type?

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Universal Containers wants sales reps to see the industry, annual revenue, and account owner at a glance on their mobile device. This information should be located at the top of the account record.

What feature should the Administrator configure to meet this requirement?

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A time-dependent action is placed in the workflow queue when the record is created.

When will the action be removed from the queue?

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Which three can be modified on standard object fields?

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Universal container has two sales groups; each group has its own unique sales process.

What is the best way to ensure that sales representatives have access to only the stages relevant to their sales process when working on opportunities?

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An opportunity record created with a close date of July 30, meets the criteria of time–dependent workflow rule. The time-dependent action is scheduled for July 23.

What happens if the opportunity is edited before July 23 and no longer meets the criteria?

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What level of access can be set when sharing a document folder with users?

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Which two are purposes of AppExchange?

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Universal Containers uses web-to-case to convert support requests submitted through its website into cases. The support team would like Salesforce to automatically send an email containing password reset instructions to the customer when the case subject contains the words “forgot” and “password”.

What does the administrator need to configure to meet this requirement?

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Universal Containers has created a new custom object called Regulations that is a child of the Account object. All users want to view Regulations when viewing Accounts with the Sales Account Page Layout? (Included)

How should a Salesforce Administrator provide access to Regulations on the Sales Account Page Layout?

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Which dashboard component can display data from the summary rows of reports?

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When can a validation rule be used to prevent invalid data?

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A user is having trouble logging into Salesforce. The user’s login history shows that this person has attempted log in multiple times and has been locked out of organization.

How can the system administrator help the user log into Salesforce?

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Universal Containers is onboarding ten new employees in two weeks.

Which two methods should a System Administrator use to create user records in Salesforce, without activating them?

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An Administrator needs to create a Sales Process for a new product.

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When creating a new user, which two items must the Administrator ensure before saving the new user record?

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Marketing wants to brand the Salesforce Mobile app to match Universal Containers approved company colors and graphics.

Which set of Salesforce Mobile app branding options is available to the Administrator?

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Universal Containers has just restructured Its Sales Department. Records that the sales manager expects to see are not showing up in the new Opportunity Report.

Which three questions should the Administrator ask to troubleshoot this issue?

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The administrator at universal containers will create a custom field to track a specific Tier 2 support user on a case record.

What data type should be used while creating this custom field?

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To ensure compliance with a platinum service level agreement, cases that remain in the tier 2 queue for more than four hours must be re-assigned to the tier 3 queue.

Which feature meets this requirement?

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Sales representative at Universal Containers often schedules in-person meetings at customer offices. Management wants to track activities for this meeting category to clearly display customer office meetings in the Account, Contact, or Opportunity page layouts, as well as adding this data to reports.

Which method should a System Administrator use to solve this business request?

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Which two are capabilities of Customer Communities?

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Which two settings can a system administrator enable in the global user interface settings?

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Users cannot save email templates in the “Unfiled Public Email Templates” folder.

How could a System Administrator allow users to save emails to this folder?

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In which two locations can a system administrator assign a page layout?

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Universal Containers (UC) has a Web-to-Case form on its Lightning Customer Community. UC wants to separate Cases into the following product categories: Corrugateci Paper, Plastic, Fiberboard. and Metal. UC has added a picklist field to store this data. How can the Case be automatically placed in the correct queue upon submission?

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A System Administrator needs to import new leads from a tradeshow and assign ownership based on country. Some of the leads may already be in the system.

Which two actions should be taken to meet this requirement?

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Universal Containers uses Accounts in its Sales process but only some users have access to them. New users require Read access to Accounts. Two of the new users require Edit access as well.

How should an administrator configure access for the new users?

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A Sales Manager wants all Sales Users in the department to see a Dashboard that displays Total Closed/Won Opportunity Amount by User on a monthly basis. The Opportunity sharing model is private.

How can the Administrator meet this requirement?

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Campaign Member can be associated with which two objects?

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Which two chart types should be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report?

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What are two good use cases for a Salesforce approval process?

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When importing data, what happens if some records do NOT meet the data validation criteria?

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Universal Containers has a marketing team set up as a public group. A sales representative would like to engage the marketing team on one opportunity. (Included)

What should the sales representative do to ensure the marketing team can access the opportunity?

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What describe the capabilities of Salesforce Knowledge?

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A System Administrator has set up a new user.

How long does the user have to activate the account before the email link expires by default?

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Users are trying to create Opportunities and are receiving errors when populating a custom picklist field. When users select either of the two values in the picklist, they receive different error messages above the field and are NOT able to save the opportunities.

What is the likely cause of the error?

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Universal Containers is having a quality control problem with one of its product lines.

Which standard object can be used to track the extent of the problem?

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The warehouse manager has received a new product line of containers. Management wants a spreadsheet of new products and a separate spreadsheet of price books loaded into Salesforce.

Which Salesforce data tool should the System Administrator use to meet this request?

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Universal Containers needs to synchronize data between sales force and an external financial system.

How can a system administrator accomplish this?

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Users in separate departments are able to see and edit different fields on Opportunities. The sales team can edit all fields on the opportunity while the support team has read-only access to these fields.

Where is field-level security controlled for users on these teams?

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High Priority accounts at Universal Containers have an assigned District Manager, Sales Representative, Inside Sales Representative, and Customer Service Representative. Management wants to prevent these accounts from being contacted accidentally multiple times on the same day, and they want to report on the various customer interactions.

How should the Administrator meet these requirements?

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Which set of small and large data backup methods are available in the native Salesforce?

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A sales executive at Universal containers wants to be notified whenever high-value opportunities are created for hot accounts.

How should an administrator meet this requirement?

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What is an option when customizing a report?

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What tab setting on a profile makes a tab NOT accessible on the All Tabs page or visible in any apps?

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Universal Containers wants to decrease call volume for the support team by creating a self-service community that will host published articles with FAQ information and provide a chat with support reps.

Which two features meet these requirements?

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All Salesforce users at Universal Containers are using the predefined actions. Several new actions have been created for different departments and are waiting to be assigned to the users in these departments.

Where does a System Administrator override the predefined actions, created a new customized set of actions, and assign the new customized action layout?

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Universal Containers wants support agents skilled in a particular product line to own cases directly after customers log them from an automated channel.

Which feature meets this requirement?

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The sales team at universal containers wants an easy solution to gather customer requirements and share presentations with their customers.

What should an administrator do to help the sales team achieve this?

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Universal Containers uses a custom field on the account object to capture the account credit status. The sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities

Which feature should a system administrator use to meet the requirements?

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Universal Containers (UC) wants to customize basic Salesforce Reports using Lightning Experience. In which two ways can Reports be customized?

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Universal Containers sells their products to wholesale partners and retail outlets. Each process has own set of unique sales stages.

Which three features can an Administrator customize for each opportunity stage?

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The service department at Universal Containers wants its agents to capture and display different information on Case Records based on whether customers are calling in with a complaint, question, or product suggestion.

Which three features should the System Administrator use to fulfill this requirement?

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Which circumstance will prevent a system administrator from deleting a custom field?

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How can a new system administrator quickly provide access to adoption reports and dashboards for managers?

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A marketing user has received a file of leads to import. What tool can be used to avoid duplicate leads?

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Universal Containers tracks both customer issues and user issues. A customer issue can be logged as:




A user issue can be logged as:


-Waiting for reply -Closed

Which features should a system administrator use to track both case types?

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A user responsible for managing and creating campaigns is unable to create a new campaign, even though the user’s profile has the “Create” profile permission for Campaigns.

How should a system administrator grant the correct access to the user?

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Support agents at Universal Containers research solutions to customer issues by asking various subject matter experts (SMEs) at the company.

Which three features will allow Support Agents to quickly document the details of these meetings?

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Universal Containers has Public Read/Write Organization-Wide Default sharing for accounts. Company leadership has decided that marketing should never modify an Account record.

What should the system administrator do to restrict these users?

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What should an administrator consider when setting up case feed?