Salesforce Certified Administrator (SU20)

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How can a new System Administrator quickly provide access to adoption reports and dashboards for managers?

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The sales users at Universal Containers need to view their open Opportunities grouped by Stage, and as a source report on a dashboard component.

Which report format should the System Administrator use to fulfill these requirements?

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A Lightning for Outlook layout can be assigned to which two options?

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The System Administrator creates a new marketing representative user. IMMEDIATELY following the marketing representative CANNOT create a campaign.

How the System Administrator should resolve the issue?

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Which two levels of access should be set when sharing a document folder with users?

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Sales representative use a custom report type for Account reports. New fields have been created in the Account Object.

What should a System Administrator do to report on the newly created fields?

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Universal Containers has decided to implement Salesforce Einstein Analytics for a subset of its users.

How should the Administrator enable users with permissions to use Einstein Analytics features?

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Users in separate departments are able to see and edit different fields on Opportunities. The Sales team can edit all fields on the Opportunity while the Support team has read-only access to these fields.

Where is ‘field-level security controlled for users on these teams?

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The administrator creates a validation rule that will require a custom text field called Details be updated based on the value of another pick-list value called “Status”.

Which two actions should the administrator take before activating the validation rule?

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Universal Containers has activated Web-to-Case on their corporate website. IT configured Auto-Response to thank the customer for logging the case and activated Assignment Rules based on the state (USA) in which the customer resides. Case ownership is therefore determined and routed to the corresponding queue – North, South, East, or West. Customer Cases do not meet the existing criteria should be assigned to Queue – World.

Which solution will satisfy this requirement?

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Universal Containers requires that the organization-wide default for opportunities be set to public read write sales user complaining that opportunity reports return too many results, making it difficult to find the team’s opportunities in the report results.

HOW can the system administrator address this problem?

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Universal Containers uses a Private data access model for Cases. Support agents own case and occasionally product specialist access to cases in their product line.

Which two actions will result in the needed access?

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Universal Containers wants to ensure Priority cases get responded to in at least 4 hours or wants them escalated to a Queue called “High Priority Queue”.

How should an Administrator configure the case management process to implement this requirement?

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Customers are requesting custom colored containers, which are NOT currently part of the standard Inventory. Management has decided to add custom coloring as an add-on item in Salesforce.

Which action should the Administrator take to allow sales users to add custom coloring to the total Opportunity Sale?

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What are three considerations when a user is importing data via Data Loader?

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Universal Containers wants to create a new sales team that focuses exclusively on Small to Medium Business customers. This Track information with the same field and picklist values but will need to new options on the Stage field.

How should the System Administrator accomplish this task?

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Which two statements about products and price books are true?

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A sales manager recently left Universal Containers and the Sales force ate h received the urgent request to death the Username. Because the sales manager was part of several approval processes, its longer than expected.

What should the Sales force Administrator do?

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In which two ways can users access Salesforce from their mobile devices?

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Which two chart types should be used to display summary values from two different levels of grouping in a report?

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When working on opportunities, sales representatives at Universal Containers need to understand how their peers have successfully managed other opportunities with comparable products, competing against the same competitors.

Which to features should an administrator use to facilitate this?

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Campaign Member can be associated with which two objects?

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A system administrator at Universal Containers needs to transfer records from one user to another.

Which two objects can be transferred using the mass transfer tool?

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Which three standard chart types can be placed on a Sales-force dashboard?

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A system administrator needs to build a dashboard that is accessible by the entire sales team. The running user must be set to the VP of Sales.

What is the correct data source for the dashboard?

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All Sales-force users at Universal Containers are using the predefined actions. Several new actions have been created for different departments and are waiting to be assigned to the users in these departments.

Where does a System Administrator override the predefined actions, create a new customized sets of actions, and assign the new customized action layout?

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How can an administrator capture custom lead data on the converted contact when converting a lead?

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What must an administrator do when creating a record type?

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What are two good use cases for a Salesforce approval process?

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Sales representatives at Universal Containers often schedule in-person meetings at customer offices. Management wants to track activities for this meeting category to clearly display customer office meetings in the Account, Contact, or Opportunity page layouts, as well as adding this data to reports.

Which method should a System Administrator use to solve this business request?

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What are two considerations when configuring the lead conversion process?

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Universal Containers wants to decrease call volume for the support team by creating a selfie community that will heat articles with FAQ information and provide a chat with support reps.

Which two features meet these requirements?

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System administrator needs to import new leads from a trade show and assign ownership based on country. Some of the lead already be in the system.

Which two actions should be taken to meet this requirement?

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High-priority accounts at Universal Containers have an assigned District Manager, Sales Representative, Inside Sales Representative, and Customer Service Representative. Management wants to prevent these accounts from being contacted accidentally multiple times on the same day, and they want to report on the various customer interactions.

How should the Administrator meet these requirements?

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A user with administrator privileges accidentally deleted a custom field in an org one day ago

What should the Administrator consider to restore the field?

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A case is created from a web form.

Who will be assigned ownership if no active assignment rules exist?

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Universal Containers has a Public Read Only sharing model on Accounts. A new sales team has been created that will be dealing with high security customers. The System Administrator has been asked to hide these Accounts from anyone NOT on this team.

Which two steps must be taken to hide these Accounts without impacting access to the rest of the Sales team?

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Which three permissions are set in a user’s profile?

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Universal Containers wants to proactively alert each of its sales team users 30 days before their account renewal is due. To do this, a ‘required’ custom account date field named “Renewal has been created to hold the accounts’ Renewal date. The default is one year for ‘Create Date. Validation rule ensures the date value entered is at least 30 days into the future. An Email alert and Email template had been created and is set to be delivered to the Account Owner recipient.

What kind of workflow action is needed to complete this requirement?

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A Universal Containers (UC) Administrator has created a new Lightning record page for the sales team to display a report chart embedded on the Account page. There are no Record Types for Account at this time.

Which step should the Administrator take to make this page the default view of the UC app for the Sales team without impacting the Support team?

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Which two methods can be used to share records using sharing rules?

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Universal Containers has a private sharing model on Opportunities. The System Administrator has been asked to create a new custom object that will track customer payment information and will link to the Opportunity. Only those users with access to the Opportunity should be able to see the records on the new object.

What should the Administrator do to accomplish this task?

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Universal Containers has two separate sales processes: one process for domestic and one for international. Both sales processes have different stages. The executives require a single page layout to provide the sales teams with the same view for both domestic international.

Which two actions to the Administrator take to support these requirements?

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How should a System Administrator prevent a user from logging in if they are a running user of a dashboard?

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The Support team has asked the Administrator to create a guided process that allows the rep to use scripted screens to collect the appropriate information.

Which tool should the Administrator use?

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Universal Containers has purchased 25 new Salesforce licenses.

How many users can a System Administrator create at the same time on the Add Multiple Users page?

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Universal Containers uses a custom field on the account object to capture the account credit status. The sales team wants to display the account credit status on opportunities.

Which feature should a system administrator use to meet this requirement?

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Which set of small and large data backup methods are available in native Salesforce?

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The System Administrator has added the company IP address ranges to the Network Access section.

What will happen when a user tries to login from outside the company network?

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If two objects have a parent-child relationship, how can a user access the child record from the parent record?

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What are two Validation Rules Fields?

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What are two valid assignee options when configuring Case Assignment Rules?

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What are two capabilities of the content delivery feature of Salesforce Content?

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The VP of Sales is using Collaborative Forecasting to track sales rep quote attainment. The VP wants to be notified when sale the Opportunity Stage backward in the sales process

Which feature should the System Administrator use?

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Which two statements apply when custom fiscal year is enabled?

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What does campaign influence allow a user to do?

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Which three features can automatically create a Case?

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The Support Manager wants to send an automatic email to the Case Contact when a case is dosed.

Which automation tool can the System Administrator use?